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Feel free to browse this page to learn more about Pirply Platform. If you can’t find your questions don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

What is Pirply?

Pirply is an all-in-one website builder platform for WordPress. If the description is not enough here’s the easiest way for us to explain it. It’s like a Squarespace, Wix, or Shopify style service for WordPress. Just like these popular platforms, Pirply makes it easy for startups and beginners to create a website for their business. We provide you with the tools already built-in to create and design pretty much any website style you can imagine. Think of Pirply as an extension of WordPress to enhance your online experience. We also want to simplify the WordPress process.

How much does Pirply cost?

It’s absolutely FREE to get a website on our platform. It’s plastered all over the website. We know what you’re thinking. This is too good to be true. Well, we don’t know how else to say it but it’s definitely real. We’re not going to ask you for your credit card unless you upgrade to one of our paid plans. No bait and switch bs. No 14 day trials like the rest of them. You can literally run your business for free on our platform. You can upgrade your account as needed. You have the power here. Our paid plans start at $14.95/monthly.

Do you offer refunds?

Nope unless we specifically say so. The reason being is that you can try our service at no cost to you. We don’t offer trial periods. We give you all the time you need to fully test our service. We give you all the time you need to build your business at no cost to you. With all that said, if we’re at fault we will gladly refund your money back within the current 30 day period. Any period before the current one doesn’t apply.

Can I cancel my account?

Yes, absolutely! No contracts here. Just shoot us an email and we’ll take care of the rest. If you’re on a paid plan you’ll have the option to downgrade to the free plan or completely erase your account from our network.

Do I need my own hosting?

Nope not all. We already got you covered. Don’t waste your time looking. It’ll just give you a headache. Pirply is powered by an enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure specifically designed for WordPress. Your website is fully managed within our network. You don’t have to worry about a darn thing. Our platform is highly-scalable whether you’re just starting out or managing a high-traffic website.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the best content management system in the game period. WordPress makes up almost 40% of the entire internet. These other popular platforms don’t even come close. As power users we do realize that WordPress hasn’t always been the easiest to work with. It’s definitely not beginner-friendly like Shopify for example. We hope to change that with our Pirply platform. Our mission is to make the process more user-friendly and simple for everyone.

What kind of website can I build with Pirply?
You can build just about any website you can think of. It’s really up to your imagination. We give you just about everything you need to build beautiful WordPress websites. Like most of these platforms you’re limited to cookie cutter websites. You can either build a brochure style website or an ecommerce website. With Pirply, you can build all of that and way more. What if you need a membership website (coming soon)? Guess what you can’t build that with any of these popular platforms (Wix, Shopify, Squarespace). What if you want to create a platform that allows you to create courses and sell them (coming soon)? Again, none of these platforms can provide these functionalities but Pirply can.
Can I install WordPress themes?
Unfortunately, we don’t allow any 3rd party themes to be installed within our network. It’s unnecessary since Divi is already pre-installed with any plans you sign up for. Divi is the most intuitive theme builder for WordPress. You have the power to design any website you can imagine without touching a single line of code.
Can I install WordPress plugins?
Unfortunately, we don’t allow any 3rd party plugins to be installed on our platform. WordPress is a very popular target for hackers. One of the popular methods a hacker can exploit a WordPress website is through bad plugins. We consider a plugin bad if it’s unsupported, unreliable, and doesn’t get updated regularly by the developer. Our network already comes with a set of free and premium plugins curated by our developers. The plugins within our network has been vetted by our team. That means we trust each of these plugin’s reliability and integrity. We’ve been using them for years on all of our WordPress websites. You won’t ever need to install another plugin again. Also, you’re more than welcome to request a plugin to be added to our library. The plugin will have to go through multiple tests before we even consider adding it to our library. Our priority is to keep our customer’s websites as secure as possible.
Do I need to learn how to code?
Absolutely not! With Divi you can design any website you can imagine. But knowing a little bit of code can go a long way. It’ll definitely enhance your website in so many ways. Divi is practically the most complete theme framework on the planet but we still use code somehow someway. Either way you go code or no code you can easily build full websites with Divi.
Do you offer website customization?
We sure do! We’re a small group of WordPress power users. Web design is our thing! This service is perfect for busy entrepreneurs, small business owners, influencers, marketing agencies, and more. As business owners, we wear too many hats and don’t have time for anything else. If we can help alleviate some of the pressure from your already busy schedule we’re here for you. Come visit our design space to get started.
Do I own the website built on the platform?
Not at all. Pirply is an all-in-one website service similar to Squarespace, Wix, or Shopify. The content is obviously owned by its respective owner and it ends there. The plugin’s licenses, theme licenses, child themes, layouts, security, optimization, and proprietary process are owned by our platform and company. To ensure platform quality and performance, you’ll have 30 days to retain your respective content after you cancel your website account. After 30 days your website and content will be wiped from our system.
Do you offer support to free users?
Yes, absolutely! But since we’re the new kids on the block we don’t have a lot of things in place. We’re currently working day and night to implement tutorials, knowledge-bases, how-to’s and a forum. Support for free users will consist of all of that including email support. For now all users will be serviced through emails and our official facebook group. Please join us there to get started. Paid users will ALWAYS get priority support over free users.
Illegal, Spam and Backlink website accounts are not allowed.
Every website created within our network is monitored and moderated. We don’t allow website accounts utilizing our platform for the purpose of promoting illegal content, spam content, or using our websites to backlink to your website. It definitely goes against our terms of service policy. Website accounts that break our policies will be deleted or re-purposed. Our platform is meant to serve people who are serious about launching an online business. Thanks for understanding!
Have other questions?
Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have more questions. You can connect with us through our contact page. You’ll get a response from our support team in 24 hours or less.