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Get A Free Website

Why do we have to apply?
For our soft launch, we want to minimize spammers and bots from signing up. We want to keep our network performing at a high level. We already have an automated signup process but it’s not complete. It’s not ready to filter out spam signups. We’re working on adding that feature now but for the time being every signup will be manually monitored by our team.
You need my business name?
Your brand or business name will be used as your website name. It can be whatever you want. You can use your actual company name or your name. You can change this anytime you want. This will also help us filter a real user from a spammer.
You need my email?
Yes we absolutely do. Every website account free or paid has to be connected to an email account period. There’s no way around this. We need your email to communicate with you regarding your account. We need your email to send out important (sometimes automated) information regarding your account. We occasionally send out marketing emails regarding our platform.
Do you have a website?
This field is optional. We just want to know which platform you’re coming from if you’re using something else. It’ll help us analyze why consumers are leaving specific platforms.
Why do you need my IG profile?
We just want to make sure you’re an actual brand or person and not just another spammer. We hate spammers!
What is a Site URL?
Every website account has a subdomain URL structure whether you’re on a free account or paid. Here’s an example below.

That will be your website’s URL and can be accessed by you and your customers.

The URL has to be unique. It’s usually your brand name or any name you designate. Our platform is brand new so we have just about everything available except potential copyrighted phrase/word.

I need to setup a username?
Yes you do. You need a username to log in to your website account. This is already obvious but don’t use “admin” as your username. Don’t use your name as your username. Letters and numbers only. No special characters. Just like your email your username is also connected to your website.